Gear Calculator Program

I am taking a programming class right now and I was thinking of building this as a small project.

It will be a visual user friendly program.

You will enter the rpm of the motor and the standard torque at max power. (Vex provides this info on each motor) This way you can also use non vex motors in this program.

It will ask for the number of teeth on each gear in the system. (It will be able to do say a 10 gear system)

The output will calculate the rpm, mph and km/h of the gear, and torque.

I know they are simple calculations but the program will do it in a flash no math required.

Tell me what you think of this!

Cool idea! I would download it. :D(if it is or will be free)

Sounds like a great project.

It will be 100% free.

There will be multiple versions, I will release a basic version within a month but it will most likely be this weekend that I will release it!

Cool! I want to see how fast I can spin a wheel for a ball shooting robot!

Sounds similar to something I’ve done for FRC:

I’ll eventually get around to making a VEX specific version. This FRC version actually works for VEX, but it isn’t tailored to it.

I bet my FRC sheet will give you all the stuff you need to make a VEX version.


That’s got a lot of info on it!

I am going to program in two motors, one is the regular vex motor, and the other is the vex explorer motor.

In the beta version it will be for the regular vex motor only but it will eventually have support for the vex explorer motor and then non vex motors.

I will start this program tomorrow so the beta should be here in 2 or 3 days!