Gear Kit

Has anyone used the Gear Kit in building? I am trying to build a lifting mechanism using 1X10’s and 1X8’s as a scissor jack along with the Gear Kit as the moving part to raise a platform up high enough to reach the tall goal.

Sounds possible. Are you wanting to use the gear rack (flat gears)?



Yes, that is what I was thinking of using. I was going to use the worm gear with two axles and (2) 12 tooth gears to run along the gear rack with a crown gear driving the worm gear. It will allow the delivery platform to go from 1/2 inch to almost 10 inches in height. That and the basic drive platform would give me close to 12 inches in height. I am going to have to get another gear kit to duplicate the slide portion of the delivery platform. Ha, they’ve got me hooked on this robotics stuff and am so glad that VEX has such quality parts that I am able to afford extra kits on a tight budget. I just have to be careful to keep everything balanced once it goes to max height.

I am going to have to start saving for the inevitable move to VEX parts instead of the VEX IQ. Poco al Poco.


I think this type of scissor-lift will be VERY unstable when it’s fully extended. Is this for a specific challenge, or are you just working on a fun project?


This is just something that I’m working on for fun, Steve. Now that there is a low cost robotics platforrm, I can get into making robots on my own. Yes, I think that this might be unstable when fully extended but I wanted to play around with an idea. I have all these neat parts to use and I’m thinking that eventually I may venture into the metal kits. I may have to use wider beams for the scissor lift. I am just wondering what kind of pivot to use besides the pins. I was thinking of using stand-offs to give the lift mechanism more stability.