Gear Ratio for 6-bar

Hi, my team is currently building a 6-bar lift to pick up stars and cubes. We intend to use 4 motors on the arm, as well as rubber bands to make lifting easier. What sort of gear ratios for 6-bars are people using?

A 1:5 ratio has worked quite well for us. We are using 6 motors and can pick up at least 5 stars (the arm might be able to pick up more than that but our claw can’t hold that much)

We have also used a 1:5 ratio but with four motors, and rubber bands, and it can easily lift up 2 cubes.

I have seen these guys in action and it dominates! Something I have noticed though is the lift might have a tendency to lift crookedly without the proper supports. I highly recommend attaching the lift together using standoffs to reduce this.

We’re using a 1:7 with 8 motors and zero rubber bands. I’m not sure how much it can lift physically because anymore than 6 stars and the robot tips forward and we haven’t bothered to hold the robot to test that limit. We can hang though with ease but if a 1:5 will work for you then I would go with that because the 1:7 is a little slow.

We use a 1:7 ratio with 4 motors and rubber bands, the most we’ve ever picked up is 4 stars, but its only big enough for one cube

I would highly recommend using C-Channel and PID as well.

If I may ask, are your lift motors on torque or speed?

They are geared for torque.

Ah, thanks.

My team is using a 1:7 gear ratio with six motors, and we can easily lift cubes.

My team uses 4-393 100rpm 1:7.

We use a 1:7 with Speed. We currently have 4 motors, but we are about to add 2 more to put less strain on the robot and so we don’t have to use as many rubber bands as we have now.

We have used a 7:1 with 6 torque motors and we can lift up to 8 stars with no rubber bands on the lift.