gear ratio for h - drive

2:1 gear ratio using 6 high strength motors for h drive
will it cause the motors to burn out ? or not


i had a 4 motor drive with 2:1 gear ratio on a h drive, and the motors would burn out in every 5 seconds and just stop working

Try 1:1 ratio with four torque motors for the drive should do well

It will tho

Except if it’s an H drive, not all 6 motors work together. There are probably 2 strafing motors, which will definitely stall. The other 4 motors probably will stall on 4" wheels, but maybe not.

for our h drive, we have 3 motors on each side, we decided that strafing wouldn’t be good idea

Sorry for the confusion, my team calls that a tank drive.
You should be fine with 2:1 on torque motors. In NbN, my team used 6 speed motors on 3.25" wheels, and it was geared up 3:1 (480 rpm output). It only stalled when one of the motors was a turbo motor in disguise. After we fixed that, it worked fine. That robot came out to about 14 pounds IIRC.

did you use 6 torque motors or 4

That was 6 high speed (160 rpm) motors. We had to use a smaller wheel size to lower the torque demands, but 6 torque motors at 2:1 on 4" wheels will be just fine.

so wheel sizes make a difference on the torque demand

Yes, wheels work like levers. Larger wheels go faster, but they require more torque.

If the lift is for going over the fence, it depends on how many stars you want to lift at a time. You might be able to get away with 1:5 for the lift if it’s only meant for 2-3 (maybe 4 at the most) stars, but I’m not totally sure on that. A 1:7 gear ratio is very slow, especially with torque motors.
I would suggest trying a 1:5 gear ratio with the maximum number of stars you can do. If it works, leave the lift as it is. Otherwise, go back to a 1:7 and try a faster internal gear ratio.

If the lift is for a hang, then 1:7 is probably the gear ratio you need.

my lift is a multi purpose lift ,it is made for dumping and high hang, so guess that speed motors with 1:7 will work fine?

i have tried 1:5 gear ratio with 6 motor, but when the power is cut it won’t hold up

A 1:7 (I say 7:1 but same difference) with speed motors will be 1.6:7, which is 1:4.375, otherwise known as a bit less torque than 1:5.
If you need to have the arm hold up after the power is cut, add counterweight (rubber bands or tubing) to ease the load on the arm.
You could also program constant power in by setting motors to a small setting (usually 10-20 for arms) instead of 0. This adds a constant high pitched sound when your robot is on, so don’t be scared when you hear that.

Please don’t
That is just way too slow to drive in VEX, at least go speed internals 4 motor

agreed this is a game of speed, if you have a really good scoring method, but not enough speed, then it’s useless

i don’t know what a gear ratio for this would be, but how about a 12 tooth to 60 to 12 tooth to 84 tooth
12 + 60 + 12+84 = gear ratio ?
12 = motors

Would the 60 tooth and the 2nd 12 tooth be on the same shaft?