Gear ratio for lift

Our gears keep slipping when we bring our lift up. What is your gear ratio if you were to do a clawbot?

I’d go for 64 tooth on both sides

64 tooth gears don’t exist. There are 84 tooth and 60 tooth though :wink:


A gear ratio does not change whether or not the gears themselves they slip, it will just change the torque. I suggest making sure that none of your gears are only supported on one side and both sides of the axles have bearings.


There is also the aspect of how much weight your joint is supporting, if it’s a tilter, I would recommend going for a HS axle, which is less prone to bending, therefore less prone to skipping.

bearings are the answer
keep them close to the gears (but also your heart because you’ll always need more bearings)