Gear Ratio Issues/Solutions


I have 3:1 ratio on my base wheels but for some reason the left side is faster and more powerful than the right… any ideas? I can send pictures over snapchat - @zora_kings


v5 or edr, 2 motor or 4?


v5 - 2 motor


in your code, are you sure that the motor velocities are both equal?


I’m not the coding guy for my team, I would assume they are. I’ll ask her


Add the snapchat and I can send a picture of the code


Also the problem may be the motors, try taking two new motors and plugging them into the two cables that run your drive motors(dont put the motors on the robot yet, just hold them in your hand). Then run your code and drive fwd. Look at if the motors are the the same speed by just eyeballing it. Also i dont have snapchat, I dont like it, sry :frowning:


Turns out it was the code, actually. Thank you - I appreciate your help


np, happy to help!