Gear Ratio/Linear Speed Calculator

I’ve been working on a RPM and Linear speed calculator for a bit, and figured I’d send it here. It’s a reference sheet that has every sprocket and gear ratio, their rpm, and their linear velocity with each wheel size. The third sheet is for looking up ranges of speeds. At the bottom you can set a minimum and maximum ft/s and it will highlight every speed green in that range. On the fourth sheet is a compound gear ratio calculator, angular velocity calculator and a linear velocity calculator.


I did something similar to this not too long ago (it includes the x-drive speeds and a few other variables as well). Too bad Vex Forums doesn’t support excel files. Here’s a screenshot instead:
Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 8.32.26 PM
P in the excel file stands for power output
(sorry if it’s a bit unclear, if you want the file pm me your email) :slight_smile:


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