Gear Ratio Not changing?

I don’t want to use programming because I don’t know how, but I need to change my blue motor into a 6:1 gear ratio but it always stays at 16:1 whenever we use the drive function. So Please Help.

Not sure exactly what you are asking, but the V5 internal drive program assumes motors with green cartridges, if you have blue then the motors will just run faster. There’s no way to change this, you would need to write your own program.


mmk, thanks a lot, I will try to see it in programming. but overall thanks!
Oh yeah, do you know some code that can change it or not? if not then is there a tutorial for vex coding?

The gear ratio is a physical aspect of your robot. The only way to change the gear ratio is changing the cartage or making an external gear ratio.

You can’t change the drive function. You have to create your own code using VexCode V5.

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Hi, I’m in the same group as SomeRandoKid. Are you referring to creating an autonomous robot or a manually controlled robot? We are creating a purely manually controlled robot right now, so would it change anything? Would it still be necessary to create our own code even with a manually controlled robot?

When you make your own code for the robot you can do just manual controll or you can code it to run both autonomous and also manual controll.

for more help on how to make your own code look at this vex playlist

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