Gear Ratio

What should our gear ratio be?

That really depends on what mechanism you’re gearing.
I’m going to assume that you’re talking about a flywheel.
That also depends on whether you’re making a single or double flywheel, and what size wheels you’re using.

Have you decided what configuration that you’re going to use?

Yes, we are using a flywheel.

He was asking about double or single flywheel…


Alright, so next question is how many motors on that flywheel.

We have 4 motors on our flywheel

Are they unchanged motors (Not high speed or turbo) If so, a 1:35 worked well enough for us and quite a few other teams I know of.

Is that for a 4" or 5" flywheel? We use a 5" wheel, and a 28:1 gear ratio (35:3 external with turbo gears), and I’ve also seen that 25:1 with torque motors works well. You might even be able to go lower, like 21:1, but I’m not sure. However, I have no experience with 4" wheels.

Its a (or was a) 4 inch wheel (Or rather a sprocket with tank tread and nylocks) I’m now using a 15:1 ratio with turbo motors and a 5" wheel.