Gear Ratio

What gear ratio would be better for the wheels in this challenge?

What most teams I have seen have done is speed internals in direct drive on 4in wheels. This is what I would suggest.

It depends on how many motors and what wheel size. This calculation works pretty well.

          (# of motors) x 14.76in.lbs

(Wheel radius) x (weight of robot and game objects it lifts)

(14.76in.lbs is the stall torque of a vex 393 motor)

Squares are actually better because they offer more contact area which equals more force (jk).

But from experience, if you plan to carry the mobile goal around you’ll need quite a bit of torque. A 36 tooth driving a 60 tooth gear(with high strength motors) has worked well for me. It is a little slow though.

I plan on carrying a mobile goal with a six motor 4" turbo drive.

What is that supposed to equal/be greater than? It’s meaningless without an equal sign. Also, 14.76 is the stall torque of a torque motor. For high speed motors, multiply this by 5/8, for turbo, multiply it by 5/12.

It equals the ideal gear ratio. Greater than one is speed, less than one is torque. If you are getting a number less than one, then use more motors or make your robot lighter, because you need speed.

Ah, ok.

This is what we would call a rule of thumb, but these terms have no inherent meaning, other than saying “more reduction means less speed and more torque” and “more multiplication means more speed and less torque.”

Thank you all for the awesome info.