Gear Ratios For Lift?

I have tried a 12 turning a 60 which is a 5:1 and a 12 turning and 84 which is a 7:1. I currently have 6 motors 5:1 for high speed motors. Has anyone tried a 36 turning a 60 with 6 motors set for high speed? I know its a fast ratio but does it have enough torque to lift a cube+a 1/2 stars or 6 stars and does it have enough torque to hang?

No, we barely got our 1:5 with 6 torque motors to hang, on a relativly light base to

I have 5:1 , 6 high speed motors for a claw dumper bot and i can do 1 cube+1 star consistently and hang and my bot is pretty heavy. i was thinking for the new bot i will make i wanted to try that ratio but i was unsure if it can do the same tasks as my current one. but ofc since the ratio is higher i will make the bot much more lighter.

Our robot uses a 3:5 ratio on our lift. We were not able to use high speed motors so we have torque motors instead. It is able to throw a cube and a star or four stars just fine. It is really fast and can throw cubes far zone to far zone with only a little bit of backing up while throwing. There is really no way to hang with it unfortunately because it does not have enough torque to do so.

Dang, how’d you get a ratio like that to do that?

Rubber bands and keeping the arm light