Gear Ratios for pulling

Not necessarily sure if I chose the right category to ask this question but, does anyone here know the most efficient gear ratio to pull an object?

EX. Using the robot to pull a cart.

The best one to use is the V5 Smart Motor 36:1 ratio for a motor itself. Otherwise, try and make the first gear the biggest one and the other gear the smallest possible. Also, this is definitely the wrong category


No, you would want a torque ratio,assuming the cart is heavy. The small gear would be on the motor and the driven gear would be big



To pull items you would likely be looking for a torque gear ratio. You can experiment what would work best for a specific application by conducting tests.


The 36:1 ratio motors(red motors) are the torque motors. That is the ratio I gave. For every 1 turn of the driven gear the driving gear has to move 36 times. That is a torque ratio and the only one that VEX EDR supports

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Please note that this is for VEX IQ

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I completely forgot about that. Can’t really help with VEX IQ and the different motors they have