Gear ratios

Hello guys,
Is there any advantage to having two sets of gears that connects to a flywheel. It will have two motors connected to each side. What I have is a single set of gears with 4 motors attached.
Thanks guys

I don’t think there is any specific advantage in either approach. It really depends on the design you have. Having more gear-sets means more axles and thus more friction, but it also adds a lot of stability if your design doesn’t already have that. We are currently running a single flywheel with a double gear setup because our design doesn’t permit sandwiching gears with abandon.
Of course if you use lots of Bearings, and are extremely careful with collar application. friction shouldn’t be to much of an issue. Or so our design seems to be telling us currently. Also, depending on your taste, you can never have to much symmetry. :rolleyes:

Well there is no real advantage to having two sets of gears apart from stability, which can be helpful if your flywheel is a tad unstable. A single set of gears is however easier to maintain, has less friction, allows the flywheels to be somewhat synchronised because they are mechanically linked, and can be really effective as long as your flywheel is well built. :stuck_out_tongue:

Additional redundant gears on both sides reduces the overall power efficiency.
To my knowledge , a VEX gear power efficiency chart does not exist.

Here is a general information sheet about different type of gear efficiency numbers.

Interesting, I will take this into account. Thanks for your advice.