Gear Train

Can anyone suggest a gear train for a ball throwing robot that would have maximum speed?

All the gears do is change what ratio of the input power comes out as torque and speed. For max speed, you want the minimum amount of torque necessary to accelerate your payload to the speed achievable by the remaining power.

Or rev up and engage a flywheel.

Big gear attached to the motor, small gear attached to the thing that’s driven. For a flywheel, I would guess you should use around 5:1, but I didn’t play nbn, so that’s just a guess.

We built one with a 40:1 gear ratio for a physics project, and it didn’t shoot super hard. 5:1 won’t launch a tennis ball more than a foot or two probably

That’s a tennis ball, we are talking about nbn balls I assume?

Yeah. As i said, though, it was an estimate.

Our team used 35:1 4-motor speed for a full-court shooter at worlds, flywheels need more speed than you’d expect.

Compression of the balls (especially if using foam balls like NBN) is also really important; without the proper spacing for the type of ball, even the fastest flywheels won’t be able to shoot very far.

1:25 or 1:21 was a good way to go nbn year with 4 motors

Thank you all of this helps so much.