Gear trains with multiple motors

Motor postion on gear train. Could someone explain the positives and negatives of 12 tooth driven gears with idlers over placing the 12 tooth driven gears on one gear to generate more torque. For the explanation use only 12 and 60 teeth gear
For example when creating a gear train using motors to generate torque to throw stars is it better to create a gear train that has a 12 -60- 12 -60-12-60 with motors driving the 12 teeth gear or position the all three motors with 12 teeth on the same 60 tooth gear.

Rule of thumb would be the fewer gears the better. More gears and axles means more friction and opportunities for something to fail. IMO three - 12 tooth, motor driven gears around one 60 tooth gear would be better.

Usually the reason for gear trains is that: 1) there isn’t space available, 2) having an axle on three “sides” of a gear leaves limited travel if there were an arm attached to that gear, and 3) motors packed in tightly together seem to overheat faster.

I have seen several Starstruck robots running 6 motors with 3 in parallel…is this the best way to gain torque for a 6 bar or a dumper or is their a better way with the limits of space?