Gearbox ~25% complete (video)
So, since I bought all of the vex parts my school has, I brought them home and have ran out of parts (yay for slow shipping) and decided to show you guys what I made!

Looking pretty good. I see the problem with the chain transferring motion from the white spacer on the input shaft. I recommend a standoff or something to fix this; just don’t let that happen. Precision above all else.

Why did you choose to reroute the power first instead of shifting first? I would have done it the other way; options.

As it turns out, the spacers aren’t the cause of the spinning. Look over the blueprints I drew up, you will notice that the chain that is connected to the speed changing bit is running on a sprocket that FREE SPINS. This means that when it’s turning on the shaft, friction causes the shaft to turn.

That’s a great idea!

Ah, I see. Perhaps there’s a better solution. Unless, of course, the output will have resistance.

Sand the edges of ur gears to help them mesh better when shifting
Like the middle gear in the attached image

Yah, I haven’t yet done that, thanks for reminding me

Only do it when you have a finalized gear box. Permanent changes should be made last… that’s engineering wisdom for you.