Geared Omni Drive vs Mecanum Drive for Spin Up

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My team was thinking about the best drivebase to use for this season. Either an omni wheel drivebase with 2 traction wheels in the middle, all of which are geared together. The other option would be to use 4 mecanum wheels. Both of these drivebases would use 4 motors. While I have my own reasons for picking one over the other, I was wondering what others thought is a better option.


Generally, mecanums are a bad idea, because of inconsistencies with driving, which makes auton programming very difficult. If you want strafing, use an X-Drive (H-Drives uses an extra motor, are difficult to build, and usually have very bad strafing performance). However, the downside to an X drive is you sacrifice intake space, and they are somewhat difficult to build due to the entire drive base needing to be square for good performance. Iā€™m going to let you decide which drive base you are going to build, but if you look at some of the top teams, you should get a pretty good idea of which drive bases are very competitive this year.

Side Note: If you are using old omni wheels with old traction wheels (the green wheels), 4" old omni wheels are actually 4.125", and the 4" old traction wheels are actually 4", so you will need to wrap the center traction wheels with rubber bands in order to have it contact the field (also gives lots of grip).


Just build an all omni drive at a speed close to 280RPM on 4" omnis. 6m is also preferable to 4m.


While there is less intake space, my team (which has an x-drive) was able to build a funnel which helps with that problem.

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This is exactly what I did, except I locked my middle Omni by putting 3/8in screws under the rollers (Not enough zip-ties).

280 is a great speed for 4" and can be achieved with green motor cartridges going into a 7:5 ratio.

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