Gearing Information

I was wondering on one of my designs if it is possible to make some kind of way to allow one motor to move to axles. To be more clear, I mean. If there is a motor, can it move two axles that are perpendicular to each other?

Like this?

Bevel gears are generally the way to do this. Worm gears also accomplish this effect, with a large reduction.

Well Im not sure how those work, but what i mean is that. I want one motor to work two seperate axles that are perpendicular. Do you kinda understand me?

Yes, he understands you perfectly. That’s exactly what bevel gears are for. Here’s a larger picture:

Off topic, but notice the bearing pop rivets are put on wrong.

lol vex cant even build with there own products

The photographer who shot the pictures installed the rivets backwards. Many of us here at VEX are pretty good at building robots… have you met my intern Josh? :wink:


Josh, Titan?!?!

It’s JVNBO thats “JVN Blog Official” for all of you playing along at home. :wink:


yeah he was at my hotel in Disney and we met in the hot tub he is amazing and his robot scared the crap out of us

lucky guy
every roboteer’s dream!
congrats Josh!