Gearing problems?

So my team and I have attempted to make a 6 bar lift capable of handling a fairly heavy load at the top… only one problem. We have two motors on each tower each powering a 12 tooth gear. One of the motors powers a 12 tooth to an 84 tooth gear from the top (connected to the lower arm) and the other from the bottom. Whenever we try to test it though, the motors start to spaz out and it cant lift the arm. Any thoughts on how to make it be able to lift the arm?

It could be that the motors are turning in different directions so they are fighting one another or the gearing ratio isn’t strong enough.

The motors are turning in the correct way. Idk on the gear ratio.

If you wan’t to lift “a fairly heavy load” I would say to use at least 4 motors, or have it be extremely slow. And if it’s “a fairly heavy load” I don’t think that gear ratio might do it either, if you don’t want to gear it down. I’m going by assumptions on what “a fairly heavy load” means, can you give me some specifics?

the 6 bar lift and also the intake (2 motors, 2. 5 by 25 c channels, a few gears, some axles and shaft collars, and 2. 2 by 25 c channels) as well as a cube or some stars

Make sure that you don’t have to many spacers on the shaft as that might be creating a ton of friction

He is using 4 motors, 2 on each tower.

A 1:7 gear ratio, which is what you have, should be good enough unless you are lifting a ton of stuff

Test each motor individually and make sure each one is spinning the right way and has the same power as the others. If the motors on one side are really weak, then that means that there might be too much friction on that side. Make sure your towers are well supported and are not floppy. A video might help also.

Oh man this is weird. I’m starting to have problems similar to what you’re describing, coincidentally the day after I read your post. I moved my problem to a new thread:
Are yours spazing motors like this?

That’s close to the problem

I can post a video in 2 days if I cant fix it by then. Don’t have access for another 2 days

today we had a scrimmage in Auckland, and until the finals, everything thing was fine, our lift was working perfectly, as i started to have the issue of motors spazing !!
if anybody has a fix for this, it will be great, as this problem cost me of not winning the scrimmage…

can you post a pic of your lift please.

i will try to do so when i get back in the workshop on monday

Motors jittering is usually a signal that you are sending multiple values to a motor at the same time. Make sure you only have one if statement block for each motor.

Post the code so the community can take a look.