Gearing up for Snail with pooper

In your opinion, is the snail bots with poopers fast enough with direct 600 rpm motor drive? Or should it be geared up similar to those snail bots without poopers?

which rollers? for most 600 rpm is good. I would gear up the launcher to 900-1200 though.


it depends on the radius of the roller…?

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true. I’m assuming 24 or 30t sprockets since those are the most commonly used rollers. if you’re using any smaller though than gearing up is probably a good idea.


We are planning to use three 24t sprockets in the front and two 30t sprockets on the back.

yeah, as far as i saw 24t is the most common radius. we use 24t either

is there a spesific reason for 30t sprockets?

We just thought that 30t sprockets are the norm for back rollers. We’ll probably test both 24t and 30t and see which works better tho

I might suggest a higher speed for the top roller, but 600 is enough for the bottom rollers (If you’re going for 24t or 30t rollers)


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