Gears skipping on chassis

I’ve just started experiencing this issue but whenever I’m driving my robot at high speed then immediately drive back the gears start skipping. I’ve tried to fix the issue over the week but I haven’t found any fix.

(my guess is that one of the gears are broken or the axle is bent, i’m just looking to see if there’s any other issues that may cause this)

It would be helpful to see photos of your drive base to determine if this is a mechanical issue, or something that can be fixed in code (acceleration rates / slew code)

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I just left my house but I’ve went over my drive train with my coach and they believe that it’s either due to one of the gears being broken or an axle bending. As for code, I think my coder is using volts and the code hasn’t change from the one we used during competition which worked.

One of the gears were cracked! The issue has been fixed.