Gears skipping on four bar

So we have a tournament on Saturday and just today we switched out axles and now our gears are skipping. Our sister team said that the gears weren’t “in each other enough” and that I needed to push them together but I don’t know how.

If it helps our gear ratio is 12 to 84.

Thanks in advance!

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Try zip tying the shafts of the 2 gears together.


this is really scuffed but in a pinch it’s an easy and effective solution. It’s also really bad in terms of friction or structural support, but if it’s an urgent choice between working badly and not working at all, take the zipties.


If you could include pictures of your gear assembly, it would be easier to help you find a solution.

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send pictures of your 4 bar

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Make sure you
a) have metal supporting both axles on both sides and b) if the axles are long, add a third/fourth piece of metal closer to wear the gears are (alternative to this is high strength axles as they wont warp at any length, unless you do something really wrong). With high torque lifts, if you allow any wobble or warping in the axle, the gears will skip because the resistance to moving the axle out of the way is less than that of turning the other gear. you just need more bracing closer to where the two gears connect. Hope this helps!

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please never do this


listen, sometimes it’s a choice between doing this or not having a lift at all. This should only be used when there is literally no time to do anything else, but there is a time and a place for zipties to be used for any problem if it gets desperate enough.


I just realized a wire was just getting stuck.
Thanks for the ideas though