Gears Skipping

Wow, haha. I agree. :stuck_out_tongue:


“Nurtigrain” makes sense now, for your latitude and longitude.

Over here we have these
North American "Nutri-Grain"s

You don’t want to have one of them inside your machine.

You don’t have Nutri-grains in America? They are the best cereal ever. But I’ve never really seen the resemblance to bearing blocks XD.

Our team has had success using rubberbands or zipties to keep 2 axles together as a supplement to the bearings.

Rubber bands? I can’t imagine how that would not cause significant friction on the axles. If they went over a carved-out nylon or black (delrin?) spacer, that may work, but you’d need a lot of rubber bands because there’s a lot of force pushing the axles apart when they skip. Have you ever tried holding two axles together that had skipping gears?
The zip ties could work, but once again I think they would stretch and then skip.