I would like to see more variety in the gears. I would like to see the addition of crown gears, worm gears, etc. These would make movement on different axis’ easier, my team has found a hard way to do this, but it is ineffective for the majority of the time. Gears already fabricated like this would be a very nice addition.

how do u post polls oh yeah i agrea about the gears

Make a new thread…scroll to the bottom of the new thread options and where it says “Create Poll” or something like that, fill it out.

nice idea. i was thinking about worm gears myself to lift really heavy arms. all those really big normal gears look bad and get in the way. worm gears would be GREAT!

work gears should be a TOP priority! they would be a great addition to the VEX family…Unless they’re gonna be like $30 for 1.

yeah, a bigger variety of gears would be nice, but especially some metal gears in the motor and servo modules. the motor running to my ball shooter was almost constantly stripping gears

I think we also need gears made of steel for durability, similar to old fashioned Gilbert or Meccano Erector sets!!!

I would like to see worm, bevel and rack & pinion type gears. I’m not sure how useful a crown gear would be over a bevel gear, but I can’t object to a wider variety of gears! I’d also like to see a universal joint and perhaps something to facilitate a differential (though bevel gears would make it much easier).

OMG yes yes yes … i’ve been designing on paper how a vex differential would be awesome i’m working on both having a direct hear head to it like most r’c cars as well as from a auto with a driveshaft my papers are not digital so not able to post them and they are all confussing because i’m not a designer just someone who trys to draw pics and see how it would work

Universal joints and worm gears would make a world of diffrence for torque and versatility. Crown gears would also add.

American Science & Surplus has some plastic gears of the correct pitch.
Check out

The center holes are not square. Drill out the hub slightly then force a Vex axle through the hole.

I was thinking about the worm gears and the rack and pinion, but since they came out with the linear doodad, I can only see a use for the worm gears. I was thinking about putting something in here about a rack and pinion but when I looked on the website they had a whole bunch of new things up!

We were taking my mindstorms gears and cutting them to work. But I don’t want to distroy my mindstorm kits. So I would be GREAT if Vex would make ALOT more gear options for us.

the worm gear in ingenuis. it would really halp because you have to use 4 gears to get enough torque to lift somthing heavy, btilliant

well i heard they are planning a advanced gear kit next year

I would like to see a linear gear, ie a strip of material, flat and long with teeth the same pitch as the VEX gears so you could make a linear motion with gears.

Someone did that with the Chain and Sprocket set. I don’t remember the person or Thread.

I would really like to see the addition of worm gears it would make the hanging around challenge a lot easier for many people but it would remove a major part of the engineering aspect.

I have seen a few teams use Tank tread for a linear gear. First you drill some holes in it and then bolt it to some metal and then drive it with a tread sprocket.

I used the chain and sprocket set to make linear movement by zip tieing the chain onto a 1x1 metal piece i then used a sprocket to push into the chain and would move it. I used this mechanism to steer a bots front wheels. It would be much easier if the gears could fit into a piece as sundancewfs stated