Gen 1 motor works, but controller won't talk to it

Gen 1 robot , brain, motor controls. When I look at device info I can run both motors. So I know the motors and connections are good.
However, when I try and use the controller it won’t work. Everything’s been updated. Tried a different controller different wire. Not sure what else to do.
It’s got to be some sort of programming error. I just can’t get to it.
Any ideas? Thank you!

Could you post the code and a picture of the build?

Do you have any code that takes inputs from the controller and controls the motor? If not nothing will happen. Some screenshots or copy-pasted code would help a lot if you could provide that, and maybe also some pictures of the bot so we know what system you’re even using.

If you copy paste code, please wrap it with ``` so it properly inserts

it should look like this

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