Gen 2 Battery Draining Fast

Just installed the new update on my gen 2 brain, I was testing a motor out and in 1 min it went from 100% to 95% in 1 min. It’s a brand new battery , I got it a month ago and did not use it for several motors. Before the update the battery wouldn’t drain fast.

How long does it take to go to 60%? That’s the real thing you want to watch.


DId not try that yet. I can try it in about 1 hour.

@Foster I took out my micro sd card cause it was burning hot and tryed running it again and the battery was not draining that fast. in 11 min the one motor drained 4%

I’ve never seen an SD card get hot, but if you were dumping electrons into enough to make it hot then it makes sense the battery capacity would drop.

Glad you found a fix.


Might be a faulty battery but most likely not