Gen 2 Brain Issue

I am having a bit of a problem! We have recently updated the new brain using the VexCode software. Today the brain is complete white screen and will not connect to the computer for an OS update. Does anybody have a solution?

My initial suggestion would be to run the firmware utility but that doesn’t appear to be available yet. You will have to reach out to Vex support.

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I have done so. I was going to see if anyone else was having the same problem! Thank you!

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To verify, this is IQ generation 2 with color screen ?

When do you see the white screen ? On pressing the power button ? Have you removed and reinserted the battery ? Is the battery good ?


Yes this is the second generation IQ color screen. I have taken out the battery and it powers off and the battery is good. The screen comes up when I power on the brain. When I press the check mark button and x button at the same time it says update OS, but my brain will not connect to the computer. I do not have this issue with the other brains I have updated.

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Do you mean the white screen or normal IQ home screen ?

So you see a screen with bootloader version and icons of the PC and IQ brain with an animation ? but in this case VEXcode will not update ? Does VEXcode try to update or just never detect the brain ?

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Yes the white screen

VexCode never detects the brain.

The image above is what I see when I press the x and check mark button together.

But no animation with blue boxes on the two devices flashing back and forth ?

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Nope I did not see that animation.

Ok, so the bootloader is not running correctly, could be any number of reasons but most likely some type of internal hardware fault. If you have not already done so, best course of action is to get RMA from vex support. When you return it we would appreciate it if you could mark as bad bootloader and perhaps also note it should come to my attention (James Pearman). We can then have the development team do some further analysis.


Sounds good! I will work on getting that sent to you. Thank you for your help.