Gen 2 vex iq name brain

We have four gen 2 vex iq brains. We are having trouble identifying them wirelessly. How do we give each brain an identifying name? Right now they are all named the same. We program wirelessly with iPads.

do you use different Ipads or the same

Some use the same iPad some use a different

We’re adding the rename brain feature to a VEXcode IQ update that will be out early next week.



I have four teams getting ready for state and they CANNOT program because of this problem. Next week will not help my team, we have state. We spent over 2000.00 to get the gen2 brain for each team. Please advise.

You can program your VEX IQ over a USB connection on Windows, Mac, or ChromeOS in the meantime. The Brain Name is only needed in order to make a connection wirelessly.

Unfortunately the build that contains this functionality is not yet ready for release and is still under final QA testing.


We specifically purchased iPads for our program because we can program wirelessly. We don’t have the option.

You have a few things you can do.

  1. Just power one robot at a time and that one will connect to the iPad.

  2. Move to a different room to program the robot. The signal shouldn’t go that far to interfere with the other robots.

Good luck!

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Thank you for your thoughts.

If you have access to a PC or Mac, I put up a temporary web site here that will allow IQ gen 2 renaming.
Chrome is required (or potentially recent versions of Edge on PC)

If using a PC you would need the IQ2 serial drivers installed, so you would to install VEXcode to do that. No drivers needed on Chromebook or Mac.

You will see this web page.

type a new name in the white box, connect the brain using a USB cable, turn it on and then select the rename IQ button, you should see something along the lines of this.

select the serial port as instructed and click connect, the brain should be renamed.

Check on the brain system info screen.

This is the link

Link removed now that VEXcode IQ 2.3.1-24 is released with this capability