Gen2 brain screen is blank and unusable.

My Gen2 brain screen has gone blank and I can no longer use it.
I need help.
I would like to show you the actual video.
During operation with the controller, the brain suddenly stops.
Then, as shown in the video, it does not return to normal even after removing the batteries.
The same situation occurs even after replacing the batteries with newer and older model ones.
To resolve this situation, remove the battery and leave it for 24 hours, then reinsert the battery and it will return to normal.
However, the same situation occurs occasionally.
If this situation continues, the game will stop during the game and the game will not be completed.

The firmware of the brain is up to date.

Does anyone else have the same phenomenon?
Also, does anyone know how to solve this problem?
If it can’t be fixed, is there any other way but to revert to Gen1 brain?

That sounds like a hardware failure, call vex support.