general help

how do you build the whole robot

i have seem to run into the same problem… HELP??

hey i think you are in my group. well crap


Well the first question is what sort of supplies do you have? These two posts provide a very good summary of what you will need:

credit: Paul Copioli

credit: James Pearman

The whole threads are good, but I think these are the best posts in their respective threads and they are from experts in the community. What parts, tools, space and/pr funds do you currently have?

If you haven’t used VEX parts yet, I would recommend looking through the Inventor’s Guide:

and the VEX Curriculum:

Tutorials for building things like drive trains and different launcher mechanisms are available on the internet with a few google searches.

go on to youtube and look up
"Vex Nothing But Net Robot Reveals

this will bring up all kinds of good videos showing many different ideas and robots, some of them have really good in-depth discussions about how and why the robot is made the way it is

team 62 does a good job ok this, team 4014K does a good job, I like to think my team does this, 1727B, and 323Z does this

If you’re just starting out, I would suggest (for the time being) that you resist the temptation to build a shooter capable of hitting the high goal. Instead, start out with something simple and try to work your way up. Perhaps consider a robot with a box to hold the balls on top. My kids call this a “dust pan” design. You load the balls and drive over to the goal as fast as possible, then dump the balls into the goal. Then repeat that. Then learn to do that in autonomous. If you are allied with a team that can shoot really well, then play strategically and operate as bulldozer, to feed your alliance orange balls off the field and/or block your opponents from getting to balls or the goal. Once you get good at that, then consider swapping out your dust pan for a catapult, etc. Then take it from there. Enjoy!