General Information from teams

I am so blown away by the knowledge of the people on here with Vex Robotics and what they know. I am only 28, I have no engineering experience, no mechanical background, ect. I just started a robotics class at our middle school because of involvement with a STEM Grant through Texas A&M-Commerce. I “teach” (learn myself) two robotics class to 7th and 8th grade students.
My questions:
How did you get involved in teach/guiding a robotics program?
How many years have you done this?
Do you have a class or just do it after school?
How many hours do you put into your robot per week?

Just curious.

  1. My son joined his high school FIRST team and I volunteered as a mentor. That was in 2004.

  2. This is my 8th robotics season.

  3. As a volunteer, I mentor an after-school program, even though both my sons are way out of high school. I started working for RECF in 2009, right after World Championship.

  4. I don’t put in very many hours building robots, but I spend about 12 hours a day “doing robots” this time of year. :slight_smile:

Rick Tyler: Awesome man! So now you work for RECF… How cool is that… Well we went to the STEM Grant and at the end of the 2 weeks program, they gave us $2,000.00 to do whatever we wanted. So my kids LOVED the robotics part of the program and we decided to write a curriculum, tie it in with TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge of Skill) and make a class out of it. We use the money to buy kits to start. The principal and everyone was for it. This is our 2nd year. Bad thing is, they don’t have a program for our high school :frowning: Wish they did. We are the only ones around here competing. Next year the other schools around us (5 districts with our small town) plan to compete in at least the Best Hub. I hope to talk to them about Vex Robotics. We are getting good PR in the local paper.

I’m going out on a limb here, but you might try contacting the CREATE foundation. They help get teams started at schools in my area. They may be able to point you to a similar organization nearby who can help with getting teams started at schools in your area.