General Mechanical Robotics Discussion

I’m wanting this topic to be about anything about new or old ideas about mechanical devises used in robotics.

In here you can talk about anything about robotics whether its vex or some other robotics company. Discuss what you want to and debate what you want to debate. I want to see all kinds of people converse and share ideas and help each other out.

I would like to see what this could turn into.

Not to rain on your parade or anything, but isnt that what the whole vex forum in general is for?


this topic is far to broad.
try narrowing things down a bit to get a good discussion going.


I made it broad on purpose so that anyone could start any conversation. I dont want a main topic, thats just too boring for me to talk about one thing for long periods of time. But thank you for the input. I will use that in any other topics i would like to start.