General product question

This is just a general question because I’m still new to the forum. Every year, does Vex come out with new products like V5 or new parts? Asking so I know when to buy materials.

Not that I am aware of. The new systems come out every few years i believe.

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I would consider re tagging this as official tech support. you would get better answers.

Okay thank you!

And just another question. When is the best time to order products? Like when the game is just released or before?

I believe it doesn’t matter as vex has a set price for everything. I don’t know if there are sales or not, but I don’t believe there are. Vex does this to prevent one team from having an advantage over any other teams.

Ok and how long do vex parts usually take to get to you?

Uh. depends on where you live and what company you ship it through.

Yes, the predecessor to the V5 was in use for quite a while. That said, just to clarify, there are often individual parts which are released at the end of worlds (often mechanical things such as new gears, wheels or metal parts), or occasionally during the season (such as the Inertial sensor a few months ago).


thanks for clarifying! I wasn’t quite sure about how often new parts came out even though I knew the motors typically don’t get replaced for several years.

I hope this answers everything @Duckling69!

When you place a VEX order through their website there’s a map that shows free shipping times based on your region.

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