Generate motion profile paths beforehand?

Right now, I’m generating my paths as I go through the autonomous, which obviously isn’t ideal. The robot also disconnects while generating the path, which makes the entire thing unviable. How would I go about generating the paths before hand? Would it work if I ran a separate task in initialize?

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Yes, it’s possible to generate paths in initialize and then call back to them during the autonomous period.


Wouldn’t the effect be the same since the robot would need to hang for a few seconds before running the actual autonomous?

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Initialize is a function in PROS when the program first boots. If the robot pauses in initialize fot a couple seconds, its not a huge deal since it will have to wait for the match to start regardless.


it will take a little less than a second per average path so be wary of that when you boot up to close to when the game starts

Anyone using the latest OkapiLib v4.0.0 RC can load/store paths from/to the SD card using these functions:

You can use this feature to precompute paths before the match and save time having to compute them each time. The latest releases are always here:


Cool, I saw this issue was resolved but didn’t see where it was documented (especially since it says “needs doc”.