Generic 393?

With this being my Senior year, i am almost done with VEX robotics and am getting interested in building robots using vex parts, but controlling them with an arduino micro-controller. I am currently using old 269 motors that we do not need anymore, and would like to use 393’s because they have more power, but would rather not pay the hefty VEX price if i do not have to… I have heard of counterfeit motors, and that’s not what i’m looking for. I’m wondering if anyone knows where i can get a motor very similar to the VEX 393 that i can use VEX gears in and VEX shafts in, but without the vex branding, and made by a different company for a cheaper price? It does not matter where they are from seeing as they will never enter a competition

cheap and vex don’t mix well. Maybe borrow or loan them from other teams?