Georgia State Championship Qualifier

With the Georgia State championships concluded, I figured I’d take the opportunity to post one of our favorite matches we participated in today, with our sister team 5854. Unfortunetly, we didn’t move on to qualify for worlds, but I’d like to give a big congratulations to all the great teams that did move on today.

I like your flipping skyrise to cube intake. Neat idea. I haven’t seen any other videos quite like that.

I believe that might have been an illegal auton. It looked like you were touching the robot when auton started. :confused: Anyways, great robot!

Yeah it was, I had no idea until our next match! We ended up only using that auton so I changed it to just run that auton automatically. A team from our school ended up having to rubber band the push button down for the auton they wanted to use before the start of each match based on what color they were.