GES Robot Shipping Forms

I was looking at the GES shipping option for the World Championship, however it is very unclear which forms you must submit. Must you submit all the forms or only the “Required Forms”? Also, as said on page 10, must the weight be at least 100 lbs or as said on page 14 can it be less than 100 lbs? We are considering using this option so it would really help. Thanks!


Sorry that the robot shipping forms were not clear. We arranged this service so that things would be easier for teams and not more difficult. Here are a few answers for you.

While all pages of the robot shipping packet are important and should be read, here is a quick breakdown of the pages that you need to complete if you are using the services.

Page. 4 - shipping addresses are listed here

Page 10 - this is where teams need to determine what size box/crate they are shipping. There is an option for smaller package weighing under 50 lbs. I definitely agree that the package description on the left side is confusing because the header should read more than 50 lbs. There is not a 100 pound minimum.

Page 11/12 - these are the labels that need to go on your box/crate. When you ship your box will determine which label to use.

Page 13 outbound return label

Page 14 - quote request for larger shipments

Page 16 - only international shipments need this form

Page 17 - Payment info

Page 18 - third party payment info. Obviously, you would use either page 17 or 18 and not both.

I will work on getting the form fixed and creating a coversheet for the packet. I hope this helps you for the moment.


Thanks! This form is only for the receiving of shipments though, we still have to ship with a company like UPS or FedEx though right?