Get code from robot

OK, so here’s a hypothetical scenario. You have a meeting to work on your autonomous, and your meeting place is in a building with no wi-fi, so you can’t access git hub, google docs, etc. Fortunately, your code is saved to your teammate’s laptop. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring it. No worries though, you can still use a temporary replacement with robotC on it! Now, if you had a code file on it to test, you could upload your file to your bot! However, you need to edit the code that’s already on the bot, not saved to the computer. Fortunately for you, VEX had the foresight to let you not only put the code from your laptop onto the joystick, but pull your code from the joystick onto RobotC as well! … Except… They didn’t. Why would they? It’s not not like this would be the world’s most convenient update to robotc or anything…

P.S. That actually was not a hypothetical situation, me and my team actually had a wasted meeting over this.
P.P.S. I am posting this to ROBOTC Tech support AND Technichal discussion.

We don’t save source files on the cortex automatically, however, using the file management dialog it is possible for you to manually save source code that can then be recovered later.rc_file_management.png