Get code from robot

OK, so here’s a hypothetical scenario. You have a meeting to work on your autonomous, and your meeting place is in a building with no wi-fi, so you can’t access git hub, google docs, etc. Fortunately, your code is saved to your teammate’s laptop. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring it. No worries though, you can still use a temporary replacement with robotC on it! Now, if you had a code file on it to test, you could upload your file to your bot! However, you need to edit the code that’s already on the bot, not saved to the computer. Fortunately for you, VEX had the foresight to let you not only put the code from your laptop onto the joystick, but pull your code from the joystick onto RobotC as well! … Except… They didn’t. Why would they? It’s not not like this would be the world’s most convenient update to robotc or anything…

P.S. That actually was not a hypothetical situation, me and my team actually had a wasted meeting over this.
P.P.S. I am posting this to ROBOTC Tech support AND Technichal discussion.

So… what’s the question here? If you’re posting twice, you should make the two posts at least variably different. Not only was it redundant, but it was also redundant.

And, no, Vex doesn’t have this as an update, I don’t think. With V5 rolling out (kind of) they are probably working very hard on that. The legacy/Cortex system is probably pretty far down their to-do list. Their software engineers are most likely working with VCS to solve a bunch of bugs.

Literally the exact same rationale regarding this matter on the Cortex platform also applies to V5 (for which the matter happens to have been actively discussed in at least one thread…). Coincidentally, though, the Cortex has significantly less ROM flash to work with and thus wouldn’t be able to store complete source code for many teams.

You can always download and decompile the binaries from the Cortex, though. (Sorry @tabor473)

Also, there’s this magical device known as a flash drive. It just so happens that no internet connection is required to use it.

And please don’t post redundant posts. Anyone that can respond in ROBOTC Tech Support can also respond here.

Flash (I’m pretty sure its not ROM since you can write to it from within Robotc programs) is very limited on the cortex and uploading the source to the cortex would be a waste of bandwidth and space 99.9% of the time. You may* be able to do this manually through the file management menu.

*May because this is based on a theory based on stuff I think I remember from messing around with the cortex 4 years ago.

As for decompiling, you could probably get it to work, but unless you really don’t care about variable names and comments and the general readability of the code, it’s not worth it.

Yes, I knew ROM wasn’t the right word. Just couldn’t think of ‘flash memory’ when writing my post.

Yes, I have not-so-recently discovered the marvelous wonders and wondrous marvels of owning a flash drive. Redundancy is redundantly redundant, sorry

How would one go about downloading and decompiling the information from a v5 Brain?

Decompiling was a joke.

If you have to ask how to do it, you probably shouldn’t bother trying. You’ll end up spending more time than just remaking your code from scratch, and the result will be far from readable.