GET Sports

Are we stuck with GET Sports for Worlds?

Our hotels were more expensive than if we had purchased otherwise. (By $20+ per room per night.)

And my 11 rooms, that we reserved with GET Sports, were on 4 different floors of the hotel.

Pre-payments were a pain.

Overall, very disappointed with them. We would have had a much better experience if we could have just reserved rooms on our own.

GET Sports, for us, acted like a middle man, funneling money, and not giving us any services in return.

Any news?

At the EP summit they said that they are using the same company again, but they expect them to do a better job this time. You might have already seen that though

They were not happy with the company they were using previously, and it sounds like they switched to get sports last minute.
Would be nice to hear from someone official on the forum though.

I don’t quite understand, why did you have to use GET Sports? We just paid for hotel rooms on our own…

A few stories like this… Not sure how much of a problem it was.

My advice, Book rooms in January. If you are at least 50% sure you’ll be going i’d book the rooms and if you don’t go you can cancel. Booking through the hotel gives you the ability to change rooms if you need to and work directly with the hotel as your contract is with them directly. Get Sports won’t have the rooms blocked out at that point and I refuse to give any money to a crappy middle man.

Oh, so they reserve rooms and make people go through them? Huh, I should get in that business…

Yeah, you can cancel at most hotels with 24 hours notice. I would reserve if you are 1% sure you are going.

This is something that I don’t understand - why is recf even getting a company to do the accommodation (unless GET is paying recf to get this rights)?
It is just unnecessary additional cost incurred for all the teams.

GET block booked most of the hotel rooms during that period, and it feels a bit like we are being forced to get the rooms via GET at a higher price.

1st year I use the travel site.

2nd year I realized it was cheaper through

I’m a rule follower - so I blindly used GET SPORTS because I thought I had to. So now I have to ask, what advantage did I get for paying extra money for a room by going through them? Clearly, if they increase the price for a room, there must be something I get from it.

You get the chance that they have bargaining power because they booked so many rooms. Which is funny because I think a lot more people showed up and didn’t get the rooms they were promised from GET compared to people who purchased the normal way


Yes, and we didn’t get better rates either! Im looking for SOME silver lining!!!


I believe the intent is to ensure (possibly unsuccessfully) that there are enough rooms available for those staying for the tournament. If there happens to be a lot of other events in the same area at the same time (like thunder over Louisville last year), it is possible that all of the nearby hotels would be full long before many teams were able to make their reservations. By allowing Get Sports to reserve blocks of rooms ahead of time, then those attending Worlds are only competing for rooms with others going to Worlds, rather than everyone going to any kind of event in Louisville that week.

Unfortunately, Get Sports wants a stranglehold on reservations to ensure they get their cut, so they will do what they can to force those registering relative to this event to go through them. It is a trade off, security of having a room vs additional cost and lack of flexibility. I personally don’t think it is worth it, but if they would loosen their grip and allow people to book outside Get Sports as well as through them, i would support it more.

Our’s was the issue raised in the link from the OP. We eventually got it worked out, but it was a real pain. The hotel was wonderful when we got there. We used the same place all 3 years and the price has gone from $90ish up to $120 a night