Getting a NW.js screen instead of V5 blocks screen

Hello, hopefully someone can help me figure this out. We are starting the VEX SDV unit for PLTW CS Essentials. We downloaded the new Vex V5 Blocks apps (it’s awesome compared to VexStudio). We have run into a problem though. When we click on the V5 icon some of our laptops are not bringing up V5 but this lovely screen (see attached). We have uninstalled/reinstalled the app and it will work for a while on all of them, but slowly we are starting to get the NW.js screen.
VexV5 NWjs error

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This is very strange. NW.js. is a node.js extension that does a few things (google them) useful for web design. Unless someone else had this problem, I would recommend switching to Robot Mesh or PROS instead.

I get the same problem.

We had this happen once too. Out solution was to delete vexCode (making sure to save all files elsewhere), and re-install

I had this problem when my computer was low on memory. When I went to Settings>System>Storage, I discovered that my computer had “0 MB” of storage left, after deleting some files and emptying the recycle bin, the problem stopped happening.

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