Getting Ahold of 1103 aka Titan aka Josh?...

I realize he may be very busy but I had a couple questions I wanted to ask him and I was wondering how I would be able to get ahold of him?

Try private messaging him on the forum. I have before and he’s gotten back to me within a couple of days.

Yea I PM’ed him but the other day but I wasn’t sure if he still visits these forums. It was only a few days ago, I am probably being impatient.
I would just really like to be able to ask him a couple things since he is sorta god.

why not ask the questions here?
forum members are very helpful and even if we may not know the exact answer, we can point you to the right direction

I will just copy and paste the PM I sent him and see how that goes.

I am very interested and, as tedious as it is, I really like programming and I’m always looking to get better at it and improve my robot through programming. Anyways I am in need of tutorials. EASYC V4 TUTORIALS. I would rather not have tutorials that are general.

I watched the PID tutorial in Spanish that someone posted a while ago and I liked that but I feel like it didn’t go into enough depth and I really like when someone shows me something while they are using the software that way I can learn the tricks of the trade.

I figured that 1103 would be the place to go for programming help but there are also a handful of skilled programmers on the forum other then 1103.

I want to get better at programming in Easy V4. I sort of understand PID. I have created and perfected 3 different button commands for different goal heights, if a button is held the chassis will go half speed, using a potentiometer to select different autonomous, basic LCD screen code, all sensors thoroughly, and dead reckoning.

I would be interested in creating a “Drive Straight” program using Optical Shaft Encoders on each side, more in depth PID, and that is as much as I can think of. I basically want to be able to do whatever I want with programming. I want to be very advanced to the point where I understand the language and I could figure out how to program something just by understanding what I want it to do and knowing how to use every function block and what they do exactly.

Here is the short letter I wrote to 1103,

Hey I have downloaded your code and first off it is easy to say that you are probably the best programmer that vex has ever seen. I constantly look at your code for inspiration and sometimes when I am trying to find a solution to my programming problems. But sometimes I wish I could completely understand your code.

I was wondering how you became so fluent in programming? I also use EasyC V4 and I have figured out some more intermediate programs such as simple button commands.
Have you thought about making programming tutorials? Do you have any programming tutorials? And do you have an explanation of your round up code?
Seeing your robot has just all around inspired me to take a more competitive look at robotics and always ask myself “can my robot compare to the top robots such as yours?”
And lastly I was wondering if you are going to be doing the college game?

I understand that you may be very busy with college so do not feel obligated to make me tutorials. (as they may end up being very long) I am simply asking if you have any tutorials but if you have spare time I’m sure the vex community would love to see your programming tutorials.

Anyways Thanks for reading, and please get back to me.


He has gotten back to me and I feel like I was very impatient. I am just very eager to learn because I love having a robot that I am in complete control over and I hate having limitations due to programming.

Anyways Thank You for reading!

  • Devin

Reading some old threads suggests that Josh/Titan spent a huge amount of time, both programming and building.
I’ve browsed through the Roundup code, and there is a thread to discuss it.
Ask a specific question about it, someone else may be able to answer.

Has anyone made EasyC V4 tutorials?

I don’t, but I’m prepared to try and put some together.

EasyC aside, have you looked for any tutorials on C programming techniques? Is there a particular format for tutorials you think would be suitable? Should code have a line by line explanation or are comments in the source files enough? It’s more difficult to post the EasyC flowcharts, do you think the tutorials should stay with the flow chart entry or can we jump straight into C user code?

As of right now EasyC is the only programming language I understand really.

I was looking for mainly videos. Screen recordings with a voice over would be cool. I really like being able to see the stuff as we are working with it. I am an audible learner so video tutorials would be the best.

I have not looked for any C programming tutorials yet but I may look into that soon. I have team 1103’s roundup code and another teams rather complicated code which I have looked both over many times.

I do understand code a lot more when people actually show it to me in the program rather then in notepad. I understand programs in notepad but not as well as EasyC.

If you were to make a video tutorial with a step by step audio recording explaining the process and the logic behind the code that would be the best way I personally could benefit from it.


(we could possibly make a wiki page on the forum for EasyC V4 tutorials?)


Is anyone able to make tutorials?

I will hopefully! I have near 0 free time lately because of homework and just things going on.

I have not done any inventor tutorials in a while so I hope I have time to do some more of those.

If I ever have free time I will try!

If anyone does educational videos for using easyC, think about submitting them in the RECF Team Educational Video Online Challenge. Only one month until the submission deadline!

Its all good. I’m in the same boat with finals coming up.
If you do make any programming tutorials make sure to let me know!

I did not even know this existed! I am going to look into this. And just to be clear programming tutorials are allowed? It says a lot of things about building robots and stuff along those lines but I do not see anything about programming the robots.

And are you allowed more then 1 entry?


I will have a go at some point, however, there’s considerably more work involved in creating a good video tutorial compared to banging out some example code and posting on the forums. It’s a busy time of year for us adults as well, so it may be January before I have anything worth showing.

Yes, a clear example of how to learn something about VEX robot programming would definitely qualify. A person (or team) may enter as many times as they wish. This particular challenge is open to students only.

I did not know that you are an adult. lol I have to put all hands on deck once the break starts because my team hasn’t qualified for world’s yet and since my team didn’t go last year it is our goal to go this year.

Ok sounds good. I will probably do a handful of beginner EasyC V4 tutorials and a couple intermediate ones. And the team that wins qualifies for the World Championships for Gateway if I am correct?

Yes, if the entry comes from a member of a registered VRC team, they will receive an invitation to the VRC World Championship.

Just a little piece of advice – it can be tricky to do a video of programming that is educational and interesting. You might want to give some thought to how to make the video more exciting than just a screen capture and a voice over.

This is true for all the Online Challenge entrants out there – try to make them exciting.

Yes, I have not deliberately hidden that and, as others have commented, it’s hard to know the age of everyone posting here.

Our teams have also not qualified for worlds this year yet, we had the LA competition at Northridge yesterday and, although all three teams did well placing 5, 6 and 10 in our division after qualifying, we were knocked out by the Viewpoint Patriots alliance who were the number one seed. Not sure if they went on to win the tournament as we had to rush back to Pasadena for the school Christmas concert. If our teams do not qualify at least it will allow me to volunteer at worlds in some other capacity, so I get to go one way or another :slight_smile:

Anyway Devin, feel free to PM me with any questions you have, I don’t share any code sent privately with the teams.

Did you guys go to the Granada Hills tournament on Nov 19th? I think I stopped and talked to someone from the 8888 club.

That was the tournament where another team from my club (569) won the tournament with the viewpoint team.

Yes, we were there. We (8888C) were in the finals with 1437X and 1508A. We lost, but it was close with the first match tied. Both Viewpoint teams, 1437X and 1437Y have similar designs and are very fast, they did well yesterday.

I met one of your parent/mentors but all the students were very busy at Granada Hills so did not interrupt you. Our next competition is not until March 3 but we may do another in February.