Getting all 8 mogos in

Does anyone know if it is possible to get all 8 mogos in a skills match with a 4 mtr high speed drive and 1:5 mogo intake?

Technically you could just be really efficent and don’t get stopped by cones

This is from November and I think it’s high speed. In my opinion though, the new thing is 6 motor turbo and shared power mogo.

EDIT: My words were mixed up :stuck_out_tongue:

Speed works for getting all the mobile goals. My team moved to a six motor turbo on 3.25” so that we can also be scoring cones in driver skills and score more mobile goals in programming skills.

There is plenty of time if the run is clean. The video above shows a robot that is not very fast score all the mogos, one cone, and park and the run was not perfect. I would guess that the team will increase their score as they speed up their robot and add more cones.

104 is definitely possible with a 4 motor HS robot on 4-inch wheels, but we have a 2 motor 1:3 Mogo intake.

I’m expecting that score to be done in programming skills soon, it’s just a matter of time.

That’s my teams goal. If you’re gonna go all out skills you might as well do it good.

So what I’m here hearing is I’ll see you in Freedom Hall for our final driver skills.

Probably not, but I would like to think so.