Getting all the sacks to one side of the field ASAP

This may be a bit crazy, but I wonder is it possible to get all the sacks one side of the field ASAP, perhaps during the autonomous, (the field is divided into 2 sides by the trough located in the center) and then simply block the opponent’s robot from going under trough to have access to the side where sacks are now located.

there are more than 50 sacks that are either neutral or on the other side, many of them are on the walls (harder to take). I think that all the sacks won’t be able to be pushed to one side of the field for at least a minute, and even then, only if your opposition lets you. And unless you can expand to 12’ and still be solid with no protection from G11, you will never keep them both out. This would be a hard challenge to pull off against 2 stationary bots, let alone 2 that are trying to beat you.

I’m all for crazy, guaranteed win ideas, but how exactly do you plan to pull this one off? As Stimp pointed out, getting all the sacks on your side and blocking off the field before your opponents can do anything about it just seems very improbable. It seems like there are other strategies to guarantee a win that would be easier to design.:rolleyes: Although, if you could pull it off, it would be extremely impressive.

Just like gateway, there are no ways to “guarantee a win”, even the people who got world champions last year got a few losses, and we all know how many “invincible autonomous” were bragged about -_-

Use a mechanum wheels or use a straffing wheel and a quick intake to take the walls a long the side

lol, easier said than done. I’m willing to gander that by the time you make your way down the long wall, autonomous will be over, and that’s assuming you have an intake capable of picking up such a large volume of sacks that quickly.

  • Sunny G.