Getting Funding though your School

I was wondering how teams that are already funded by their school got to be funded by their school. I am the creator and leader of my VEX Team but I am also a senior and I want to make sure that my team will have funding to continue.

What have teams done? How is your team classified (club, team, ect…)?

Clubs at our school aren’t funded. We are also not a “team” like a sports team (which is funded). We are looking for some sort of alternate classification for our team. We have competed in the World Championships twice so far (which is an accomplishment greater than anyone else at our school can say).

Tell me what you think.


Well remember Jon, we are having a Robotics class next year, so that will be funded, which the club will take some of. I’ve heard people call local companies.

Ask around your team. We’ve found that we have contacts at various companies because of the members and parents of our club. Sometimes if you just call people are rude but you do occasionally find some nice people to talk to.

We’ve also began having a booth at our local farmer’s market which gets our community involved in what we’re doing and often times have something interactive to do.

Regarding getting funding through your school though… I would try to appeal to your ASB leadership unless they don’t really have power do do anything. If that doesn’t work/isn’t an option try to find somebody from your school administration to try to explain to them why you guys need the funds, what it would be used for and why it is worth it.

If you go around your local town and ask companies they might give you some funding (which is always better then no funding). Our team is supported by some companies in the area and we put the company names around our booth and on our comp. robot.

Calling local companies is a good idea. Make sure to keep in touch with them, though, so that they know that their sponsorship is going toward something.

As for your school funding, you might classify yourselves as an “extracurricular activity,” or an “academic team.” Talk to your school board about the educational value of VEX, and all of the things it teaches you:
Teamwork (not only with your team, but with your alliance partners as well)
Presenting Skills
Good building habits
Electrical systems
Transfer of energy (torque, speed, gear ratios, etc.)
And more!