Getting program off V5

I know this wasn’t possible with the cortex, but can you get a program off the V5? We lost a program when the computer turned off.

I do not think so currently.

Oh. well. Our programmer learned a lesson early in the season!

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So I should clarify. It is actually always impossible to get programs off of robots. Some educational platforms(like LEGO Mindstorms iirc) will choose to actually save a copy of the source files onto the robot as well as the “translated” program. That is pretty inefficient because it would always download the human version of the file and almost never be needed.

BTW if I see someone come post here about decompiling I am going to hit you

I had one work hard all afternoon trying to figure out why his code NEVER worked. turned out it never downloaded… not log to show why…

VCS has a lot of growing ups to do - so do my students :slight_smile:

Tabor, I call BS :slight_smile:

but James Pearman says backup of what is on bot is not a functionality, so decompile is not an option…

as one of those part of the internet worm hunt, there is a lot you can do with binaries :slight_smile:

We will turn on the functionality at some point. It’s more dependent on when the VCS team can add the functionality to open/save a project from the brain than anything else.

understood - I should have qualified the statement you made as “not currently…” to accurately represent your statement.

I am appreciative for all you do and the clarity you bring to discussions.

Isn’t each program only allotted 1mb of space on the brain? Binary + source code could reasonably fill all that right?

Also any clue how much that will slow down wireless programming when that feature is available?

There’s no fixed allocation, but flash storage for all programs is limited to 8MB.

VCS programs are typically small, many less than 10K bytes. The largest standard competition project I’ve seen so far (ie. no crazy embedded images or anything) was 1700 lines of code but the compiled binary was only 25K, source code was 58K. We are moving to using compressed programs so that 25K binary drops to 12K soon.