Getting robotc on mac

Can I please get some help with installing robotc on my macbook without using bootcamp (I have a very small memory)?

If possible, can I also get a windows iso file link?

To install ROBOTC on a Mac without using bootcamp you will need to use a virtual machine running windows. My recommendation is to use VMWare fusion (which is what I use) but Parallels should work also. I have not tested, and Robomatter does not support, the virtualbox VM, IIRC there were some issues with the USB drivers. You will also need a legal copy of windows 7, 8.1 or 10 running on the virtual machine.

You can legally download a pre-configured VM image for evaluation and testing purposes from Microsoft.

I use virtualbox VM with Windows 10 and robotC. It should work but can sometimes be a little buggy.

@jpearman @NightBlaze Thanks a lot, I finally got it. I am using VMware fusion 8 with windows 10.

Parallels is great!

Step 1: cry
Step 2:

With Windows 10 coming in at a whopping 199 USD, and Parallels or VMWare Fusion coming in at 80 USD, I highly recommend this laptop. It won’t break your budget and if you drop it or it breaks at a tournament or in the lab, it’s not the end of the world.

I mean, it’s cheaper than a cortex for chrissakes.

VMWare workstation works good too and it’s free. If you have Windows XP or 7 on an old computer that you don’t use anymore you could use that license key. You don’t need to use Windows 10. XP is a good choice if you don’t have a lot of spare RAM.

PM me for a legit XP license key if you need one.

ROBOTC does not support XP anymore, the last version to support XP was 4.32.

I have to say as a primary Mac user it would be nice to have RobotC for OSX.