Getting Robots to Worlds

Has anyone travelled with a Vex IQ robot? Just wondering if you would have trouble getting through security with a robot in a carry on.
The robot shipping arranged by the world champs event is just not appropriate for our type of robot. If I read the documentation correctly packages are measured in 100 lb. increments, with a 100 lb. min, and must be crated. Wow.
It would be nice if we could bring the robot on the plane with us, but I’m concerned about what TSA would think of it.

I travel often with the VEX IQ robot, as an airliner carry-on, and have experienced no problems. I purchased a container at a local retailer, which has a handle and works well - Sterlite 15-1/4 x 9-3/4 x 11-1/2 inch “Large Showoffs Box” by RE Room Essentials, but any container of similar size would work well.

Thanks PF. We will plan on doing the same.

Thanks, I’ll be a copycat :slight_smile:

I’ve done a very large amount of traveling with LEGO Mindstorms robots. Almost always as carry-on. If you assume TSA will want to give your luggage a little more attention, you won’t be bothered at all. And you can be pleasantly surprised if they don’t.

I always go in thinking I want them to check every single person that’s going on the plane. Including me.

One bit of advice: the scanners don’t see as well through batteries. So, if you have several batteries, put them in a separate bag (another person’s bag) so they can easily be pulled out and examined.


Thanks… I was thinking of sending batteries on the luggage going on the back of the plane. Was also thinking in several luggages just in case one gets lost.