Getting started with CAD

I am interested in getting started with a CAD program, I would like a free program, if their is a good free CAD program out their.

If you’re a student you can get inventor for free, which is what I know a lot of the VEX community uses is a website where you can easily get into cadding (no downloads) just sign up and do the tutorials. Shoot me a message if you’re confused

If you plan to go into the mechanical engineering field, definitely go for inventor. You get a free 3 year trial if your a student. Most ME firms will use either inventor or solid works for CAD work, so you want as much experience with this software as possible.

Shameless plug… You may want to checkout my Build a Bot series on YouTube. It goes over the basics of setting up Autodesk Inventor for use with VEX’s CAD parts.

Are you going to finish that?

No. This semester is killing me and this game sucks. Sorry. :frowning:

I am running on Windows XP (I know that it is obsolete :frowning: ) I know that Inventor will only run on 7 or higher, are their other CAD programs that will work on XP? Is blender a good CAD?

Older versions of inventor will run on XP. Onshape will run on XP. I believe people have CADed robots in blender, but as far as I know it’s more suited for free-form modeling and animation. has no downloads so im sure you could use it

How do I download the older versions of Inventor?