Getting Started With RobotC

Hello, my mentor recently purchased a copy of RobotC for our team to use, I have been using EasyC for some time but was frustrated by the how little you could do with it beyond the basic needs of a robot. I heard from a friend how RobotC allowed you do so much more, so I was really excited to get started once my mentor got the software. However once I saw the software I found that it would be a challenge to learn. I know basics of C++, Java, and Java Script so understanding how It should be formatted isn’t the problem. I looked through this section of the forum but found that most of the posts are over a lot more specific topics.

(Important part)
What I have been having trouble with is the parameters of the functions.
If you know of any forum posts, Youtube tutorials or helpful information that go over the basics of RobotC that would be extremely useful! So I could learn what these parameters mean, how to fit their needs and actually make a working program. Thanks for taking the time to read this:).